Recently, while at the library seeking new reading material for my son, Emmett, two books jumped out at me. Each had an enticing title, intriguing subject matter, and captivating imagery. And Then It’s Spring and Peaceful Piggy Meditation grabbed my interest, and without hesitation, I checked them out and nestled them into our stroller.

Though the books are completely different, in each the tone is tranquil and alluring, yet slightly whimsical. They are both beautifully simple and visually striking. In fact, I was so enamored with the illustrations that I decided to hang them on Emmett’s wall.

That’s right – I marched down to the local copy store and requested color copies of my favorite page in each book (as well as a couple from our own collection – Giraffes Can’t Dance and Little Blue Truck). Because I adore books and their splendid illustrations so ardently, I’ve been planning to use some of our most adored books to decorate Emmett’s room. All it took to finally set this plan into motion was for two visually appealing children’s books to flit across my field of vision.

Soon, framed copies of various pages of children’s books will dance across Emmett’s wall. And thanks to Pinterest, I’ve found inspiration for other ways to incorporate illustrations from children’s books into our home decor, some of which I plan to try soon. I’m including a few of these neat ideas here in hopes of helping bring books alive on the walls of your home.

Remember that most of these projects can be completed on a dime – a trip to a local thrift store to find books and other materials, as well as a stop at a craft store for art materials is all it takes to get this art into your child’s room. Happy crafting!

The first idea from Fabulously Flawed is a lamp shade using pages from a book:



Next, from PSA Stamp Camp, is a large, colorful piece of book cover art: book art 2


Lastly, from Eager Hands, a bunting made from the pages of a vintage children’s book:



For more ideas, browse the internet, and you will be amazed at how many creative bloggers have shared their projects. If you use Pinterest, check out “boards” on using books as decor, such as this one. If you come up with other ideas worth sharing, we’d love to hear about them!



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