People, it’s almost over!!! Winter is almost over!

I did not learn this from the Weather Channel, the Farmer’s Almanac, Punxsutawney Phil or the calendar.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel because I know that Sunday is…


Nothing says summer like the roar of the crowd and the crack of the bat. Just hearing the sounds of a game in the background is enough to take the chill out of a cool spring day.

And if I am excited about baseball, you can bet that my husband is over the moon! I am only a baseball fan because of him and only one hundredth of the fan that he is. He has been studying stats, opening baseball cards, and talking baseball for as long as anyone can remember.

For me, I love the history of the game, the White Sox scandal, the curse of the Bambino, the Negro League and the courage of Jackie Robinson. It’s all so uniquely American.

Our girls love to go to a game because of the hot dogs, popcorn, Cracker Jacks, and ice cream. Not to mention, they are thrilled to be with their dad.

But my husband, he loves it all. The history, the sounds, the food, the family, the continuity of the game, and the intricacies of each individual play. Almost as much as watching a game, he loves to hunker down and talk baseball with someone who loves and knows the game like he does, though he often has to settle for less.

In the interest of providing my husband with a lifetime of conversation partners, hopefully more able than me, I need all you parents out there to start your kids off early.

My husband has handed me a list of newly published books he would like the kids out there to read.  And like the game of baseball, these books offer more than just baseball. In them there is culture, comedy and personal accomplishment. But you’ll have to get your own hot dogs.


Take Me Out to the Yakyu by Aaron Meshon. Did you know that Americans brought baseball to Japan as long ago as 1872? It is not just the American pastime, it’s a popular Japanese pastime as well. This beautiful picture book tells the story of one little boy and his two grandfathers, one Japanese and one American as they share their love of baseball together.

whos on first


Who’s on First? by Abbott and Costello. You don’t have to be a baseball fan to appreciate this classic bit of Vaudeville humor. John Martz’s fresh new illustrations bring it back to life for the young and old (a.k.a. my husband) alike.

babe ruth


Becoming Babe Ruth by Matt Tavares. This is the real life tale of a kid who, with help from others, turned a troubled childhood into an iconic career. Ruth was able to focus his efforts and overcome many obstacles to accomplish his goals. In turn, he was famous for what he gave back and for the time and affection he contributed to the lives of children, especially orphans.

For other great baseball reads check out see this great article on


Oh, and Happy Opening Day!!!

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