The amount of thunder showers we are getting this summer seems a might bit excessive, wouldn’t you say?  At our house, we have already sung, “rain, rain, go away,” until we are blue in the face.

Ah well, I guess, when life gives you thunder storms the best thing to do is to make thunder cake.

You haven’t heard of thunder cake?

Well, pal, you are going to love this! Thunder cake is the best way I know to turn a loud, crashing, flashing, pouring down, scary thunderstorm into a celebration.

And the best thing about thunder cake is, it is both a cake and a story.  A really sweet story.  With amazing illustrations.

The book Thunder Cake  is the creation of one of my all-time favorite children’s authors, Patricia Polacco.  In it, she recounts the story from her youth of how her Babushka (Russian for grandmother) helped her to overcome her fear of thunderstorms.

Thunder cake is the creation of her Babushka, a yummy distraction from the boom of thunder and the crack of lightening.

Taken together, Thunder Cake and thunder cake are the perfect recipe to turn some frowns upside down and make yet another rainstorm an exciting, fun, happy, and delicious occasion.

You may find a copy of Thunder Cake at your local library or bookstore, but if you have an urgent need (i.e. storm clouds are moving in right now) there is a terrific version of Patricia Polacco reading the story (complete with Russian accents) on You Tube.

The recipe, which is in the book, is also available on Patricia’s web site.



2 responses to “Thunder Cake!

  1. Hello!!?? Why didn’t you tell me about this book sooner. Mikey has turned in to one of those dogs that can feel a storm coming. Panic sets in. Looks like I will be stopping by the bookstore today to pick up a new book! 🙂

  2. My son worked in a bookstore while in high school and then again while studying for his Masters Degree. A wonderful man, retired school teacher, introduced my son to this book and hired me to bake several of these delicious cakes. Came upon the recipe while looking through my notebook of cake recipes and just wanted to remember the background story. I’m a Babushka now, so I’ll share the recipe and look for the book for Claudia, Louis and David.

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