(Though I wrote this post, I would like to attribute it to Meg, my daughter. – Karen)

By Meg, age 6

This morning I was having a warm and wonderful dream and was very happy… and then sunlight bothered my eyes and someone tickled my face. Then my mom said, “Good morning!” in this very cheerful voice. It was all so awful that I growled.

I growled some more but everyone kept getting up and being cheerful and that was making me really mad. I told Mom I wouldn’t get up unless she gave me a cuddle and she said, “Okay, meet downstairs on the couch.” But that is not what I meant! I stopped growling and yelled. I even screamed and cried but she did not come back and give me my cuddle!

Instead she went downstairs and helped my sister get dressed. She said my little sister was “really on the ball this morning.” Aaaargh!

Mom said we could watch a short show this morning if we hurried up and got dressed, but I couldn’t because I still didn’t have my cuddle!

I had to stop yelling for a minute so I could breath and do you know what I heard. My mother had started the show without me and my sister got to pick it and she got to sit in the corner of the couch because she was “on the ball.”

That is not fair!! Why is everyone being so mean to me this morning?

“That is not fair!” I yelled. “Stop that show until I get there!” I yelled. “Aaaaaaargh!” I yelled.

I got up and went downstairs but I was still really mad. I cried and cried and told Mom she had to start the show over so I could see the beginning. I said I wouldn’t get dressed unless she started the show over.

While I was crying do you know what happened? The show ended and my mom turned off the TV!


Mom said breakfast was ready but I was still crying so Mommy took my jammies off and put my clothes on while I told her how mean she was. I sat down at the table and Mom gave us waffles  And then I don’t know what happened but my sister said she was all done. Her waffle was gone and I still had a whole one.

Mommy told my sister she was “on the ball” again and then she told me breakfast would be over in three minutes. Waaaaaah!!

Mom said we were late for school and that we had to hurry. I said, “I need a cuddle!” Mom said we could cuddle while she brushed my teeth. She is so mean.

Mommy said I “woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” She said that means I woke up grumpy. “I am NOT GRUMPY!” I yelled.

My bunny and blankie were the only ones who were nice to me this morning so of course I couldn’t put them down to put on my coat. I was too sad. Mommy must have woken up on the wrong side of her bed this morning because she put her head in her hands and SHE growled, “Aaaaargh!”

When we got outside it was really cold and I wanted Mommy to carry me, but she said I was way too big. I am not!

4 responses to “Waking Up on the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Wrong Side of the Bed

  1. We love that book but we don’t love having mornings like that. And, funny, today was one of those mornings but add in a cup of milk being spilled all over the couch. We were all having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! I hope it got better for everyone!

  2. We too love this book! It’s all to fitting some days!! Just when you think “it’s” at it’s worse…. I swear there is light at the beginning of a new day!

  3. Thanks for your comments everyone. The best part was that Meg recovered completely seconds later when we ran into one of her friends walking to school.
    I love Judith Viorst for putting this kind of day down in print. It is such a relief for both kids and parents to know that everyone has terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days now and then. By the way, Kasha, I think milk on the couch is even worse than gum in the hair-stinky!

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