Happy Friday!

We’re digging out after Vulcan dumped two feet of fresh snow over Vermont. Which means all this weekend we’ll be doing our two favorite activities: reading and skiing.

Here are some clips from the last two weeks.

Meredith found a lot happening in Ohio to help third graders pass reading tests:

  • When more than half of Columbus, Ohio third graders scored below proficient on the Ohio Achievement Assessment tests, the schools enlisted parents to help (and, we hope, to love reading together). From the article: “Our goal was to give parents practical strategies that they can use at home to enhance literacy instruction for their students.” United Way is also pitching in.
  • Plus Ohio kindergarteners use six words to describe why reading is important.

Closer to home:

And just for fun:

And to all you who love numbers, pastries, and/or homophones… it’s 3.14. Happy Pie Day!

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